As one of the first vegan lifestyle blogs to pop up on the internet in 2013, Too Chic for Meat has maintained its high caliber content and services (NYC vegan tours anyone?) for my thousands of readers around the world. Named a top vegan blog, I’m proud to write product reviews of items I buy myself with no sponsored posts in sight. Ethical to me means more than not eating animals- it means 100% honesty with you.

Stay chic my friends!




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I never have sponsored posts or ads because I'd rather you buy a tour than be marketed to 24/7.

All products reviewed are bought with my own money, so my thoughts are 100% honest.

I am a member of Amazon Associates, and may receive a commission if you purchase an item linked on my site. The small commission I receive from Amazon helps Too Chic for Meat stay vibrant with top-notch tours. I don't advertise products I haven't purchased myself.


Did you know I'm an entrepreneur? Too Chic for Meat was my very first business, and I'm grateful to my readers for appreciating my fresh perspective on vegan fashion, beauty and lifestyle.