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Channeling: What Maisie Knew

I have a bit of an obsessive personality, and one of the side effects of this is after I watch a movie with really good fashion/characterization I fantasize about how I could dress like that. (And get that costume designer's job)

This may or may not occur for movies that star a child half my age, and it's very possible one of the reasons I get mistaken for a minor is the way I dress. Nevertheless, I press on searching for ways to channel my inner *insert character of the week/month here*. 

Since the last movie I watched on Netflix a total of 983259 times was the beautiful What Maisie Knew starring Alexander Skarsgard and Onata Aprile, I am channeling my inner 6 year old New Yorker.

Quick summary for those who haven't seen the movie: Based on the book, it's told entirely from the point of view of Maisie, a child caught in a custody battle between parents. She's shuffled from house to house in the care of other people and since we only see her story through her eyes, it's heartbreaking.

More heart pounding than heartbreaking, though, is everything Maisie wears. It just makes my heart flutter! Polka dots, prints and fantasy play a major role in the wardrobe of this movie.

So for my amusement (and hopefully your enjoyment) I proceeded to break down items from and inspired by her wardrobe that I could wear.


Her carefree, mismatched style is just so fun and nonchalant, I was instantly obsessed with her (Made in the USA!) Little Packrats Owl Backpack.


Adult version: Owl Unisex Backpack on Etsy for $136.24

Made from cotton, twill and synthetic leather for the eyes, it's cute but practical. At 14.5'' long and 15.5'' wide, it has a compartment for a laptop plus room for all your day tripping needs. It comes in orange, red and burgundy.

This seller also makes a raccoon and fox version, how cool?

In addition to her backpack, I adored her multitude of crown headbands and booties. Her headbands are all felt, so these are more grown-up, but no less pretty, versions all found on Etsy.

The whimsical clothing (and that coat) makes it difficult to not smile while you bawl your eyes out at Maisie's current state of life.

Coming in near perfect to the colorful, playful and warm fuzzy topper Maisie wears are Shrimp's latest creations. Made from entirely faux-fur they've already received the "blogger" stamp of approval as well as the support of the fashion community. I'm still debating whether I want to look like a bear that fell into some paints but they sure do seem pet-able for hours without getting bored- so we'll see :)


Animal printed and polka dotted clothing squeal FUN and sometimes even FUNNY. I think these are both, but also pretty to look at.


The allure of Maisie's wardrobe has more to do with the psychology behind it though: she looks like she dresses herself, and you can tell. The unfiltered and genuine imagination kids have pour over into their closet and makes for an honest and cool outfit. As with anything else, it's the confidence behind the ensemble that ultimately pulls it off. With that said, I'm going to take my imagination, inspiration and all these bookmarked products and run with it because let's face it, there's nothing chicer than being yourself.

Green Festival 2014

Green Festival 2014