Alison Lou Jewelry Is Fake (Review)

Alison Lou Jewelry Is Fake (Review)

I hate when I have to write reviews like this but the world deserves to know.

Alison Lou, a "fine jewelry" company named after the designer, has been around for a few years. Their "Emoticore" collection was their first and featured gold and enamel emojis on gold chains.


May 10th, 2014

I wanted to purchase an Alison Lou piece for myself, having looked at her jewelry for awhile. I went to Fivestory in Manhattan to try on and purchase. I decided on the Bashful necklace, which I was told was 18K gold by the salesperson. I spent over $800 on this necklace, thinking it would be an investment piece I'd wear daily.

Upon returning home and looking at Alison Lou's website, I saw it mentioned the gold was 14K, not the 18K Fivestory told me it was. I emailed Alison Lou to confirm. 


I don't care what products you're selling or HOW much they are, it is your RESPONSIBILITY as a salesperson and company to be accurate in your product knowledge. I loved the necklace so much I wasn't going to return it for not being 18K gold, but that is a HUGE mistake to make. They should not be selling ANYTHING unless they are well-versed in the product. So disgraceful!!

A few days later

I was browsing again and noticed the price of the necklace had dropped.. by over $250!!!!! I contacted Fivestory and Alison Lou again because I was PISSED. The necklace didn't go on sale or anything- the regular price was just changed. When I asked why, they told me the price of gold changes and so they change their price accordingly. That's fine, but NO ONE told me that or provided me a refund automatically.

When I asked for a refund given the large difference in price, they gave it to me.

Since then, I wore the necklace quite a bit but treated it with care. I'm not a newbie to fine jewelry.

January 12th 2017

I went to pick the necklace up off my dresser and the "enamel" back just fell off. Upon further inspection, the "enamel" isn't enamel at all, it feels like plastic that was glued on. This means both Alison Lou and Fivestory are a party to false advertising. The pink isn't enamel because enamel means it's painted on, not GLUED ON. You can blatantly see the glue.

I emailed Alison Lou requesting a refund, because they are the designer.

I sent them all these pictures and a copy of my receipt. Click to make them larger.


Here was the interaction between Alison Lou and I.

They pushed it off onto Fivestory, since they were the retailer. They shouldn't have to "repair" fine jewelry if it was quality in the first place. Due to my several hiccups with the company I rightfully want my money back. Not to mention, saying "heat, cold and oils" contribute to the necklace falling apart is boloney. True fine jewelry is made to stand the test of time (and weather!). That's a really poor excuse for a pathetic product.

January 19th, 2017

I called Fivestory to discuss a refund. Their phones were broken (how unprofessional) and I got someone in their office because the calls were being forwarded. She took my info and had someone on the sales floor give me a call.

Amanda called me five minutes later. I explained the situation and expressed how disappointed I was in the quality of Alison Lou, having been a fan for awhile. She asked me to send my pictures to her so she could pass them on to the buyers. They refused to give me a refund and instead deferred to Alison Lou, who again offered to "repair" it. I'm entitled to a full refund, and the way both businesses do business is absolutely disgusting. Alison Lou's products are inferior and definitely not fine in any way, shape or form.

Here is the interaction between Fivestory and I.

Buyer Beware!
Alison Lou is a greedy scam with sub-par products and Fivestory is just as unethical. Instead of owning up to having an inferior product and doing the right thing (giving me a refund), they chose to be stubborn and ignorant. I hope you never buy anything from either company.


Fivestory finally came around and told me to return the necklace for a refund. They asked me to mail back the necklace with my card information for a refund which is absurdly insecure. Instead, I told Amanda to give me a call as soon as she gets it and I would be happy to provide my card details.

I got notification it was received- but no phone call. I had to call the store myself several days later and request a refund with my card info. When I asked if Amanda was in, the girl who helped me told me not today (how convenient!) but that she was in the day the necklace was delivered. So she blatantly didn't call me and never intended to refund me. This whole store is beyond disgusting, and my "resolution" only further ruins their reputation. While I ended up getting a refund, this whole ordeal was completely avoidable.