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Beef With Fashion Bloggers

Beef With Fashion Bloggers

I don't consider myself a blogger specifically. I am a writer because my talent lies in writing. Having a blog is just one outlet for my writing. 

That's the thing here though- I have a talent. In my personal opinion, having other people take pictures of you in a fancy outfit posing like every other girl in the world is not a talent. Doing so for the sole purpose of collecting commission on sponsored items is even more disgusting. 

I don't believe in collecting commission on providing helpful opinions or recommendations. Instead, I seek to provide a product (tours) that are just as useful and way more valuable.

I think fashion bloggers (and even most celebs) whore themselves out to brands to make a buck. The fact that they get paid thousands of dollars to share a product on Instagram makes me roll my eyes and shout curse words.

When you take that route, you are merely a walking advertisement for anyone who pays you. 

No Talent

Having your boyfriend take pictures of you relies on your boyfriends talent. If you use a tripod that relies on your camera. Anyone can put together an outfit. It's the way the outfit is shot that make it distinctly "fashion blogger" material.

No Standards

Commission links, sponsored posts etc.. All ways to make money that don't actually depend on you. Adding images and links to a post everyday isn't work for a genius. The disclaimer means nothing to me because there is no benchmark to evaluate the quality of their suggestions. They seem to have no allegiance to brands and will be the first to sign up for a referral program if it's offered. I do understand why companies consider bloggers part of their marketing strategy, but since "suggestions" are a dime a dozen they don't hold any weight. 

No Originality 

Same poses, same shots, same referral links..

Fashion bloggers are so self-centered that they can't even vacation without posting about it or gramming an ocean shot. 

They border on lifestyle blogging which is just as laughable.

How Do I Make Money?

Monetizing content online is an expected next step when you're trying to build a business or brand. There are several ways to make money blogging/writing- having people pay for your opinion doesn't need to be one of them. Write a book, provide a service, do something that helps your readers feel valued. I provide a vegan tour of New York- an absolute essential for tourists and newly vegan locals alike.

I look up to and respect Leo of Zen Habits for his similar take on blogging. Making a dime off of readers just by clicking a link isn't the way to build trust. It says "I care more about me than about you." While there are plenty of "fashion bloggers" who make their living off of other people this way, I believe it is unethical and unoriginal. I truly think we're better than that.

My Promise

I've made a promise to my readers that I don't have sponsored blog posts or social media posts and I'm sticking to it. Everything I review or talk about I buy with my own money. I've been given samples in the past to review very rarely and while I was open to reviewing products they were 100% honest. 

I spend my own money on bags, shoes, clothing etc.. So naturally, I have more at stake than just a free product or commission on a fly by night review. It's my hard earned cash!

For this reason alone I hope you see Too Chic for Meat as a leader in not only the vegan world but in the blogging world as well.

I am honest, thorough and educational because I genuinely enjoy sharing this cruelty-free life with others in the hopes I can help or inspire.

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