Beyond Skin Izzy Mary-Jane

Beyond Skin Izzy Mary-Jane

I'm not a heel girl. I can barely walk in flats without tripping so heels aren't a huge part of my wardrobe. I wear heeled shoes maybe five times a year, max. That said, how great would it be if I could wear a shoe that's not too high, very comfortable and I can take comfort in knowing I won't be doing the balancing beam act all night? So great!!!


The Product

Super cute vintage mary-jane court shoe with an incredibly wearable granny chic heel. We love this style here at Beyond Skin HQ as it’s so practical and perfect for the office. Made up of our super stylish Italian faux luxury leather with adjustable pewter buckle in Italian faux leather.
— Beyond Skin

They were my first purchase from the UK based vegan shoe line Beyond Skin. I got mine in "Pewter", which is a metallic purple/bronze that's super unique. They no longer stock this color, but they do have them in Black and White. Total classics!

The Verdict

I'm in love with these Izzy Mary-Janes. My size is a US 5 and there's still wiggle room in the back. The pointed toe isn't too narrow and my foot fits well inside. The heel height is just perfect enough to be worn with fancy dresses (like this one I got from an Erin Fetherston sample sale!). Walking around for a few hours my feet don't totally hurt me- in fact, I'd say they are pretty good.

I wish I had ordered more than one pair- shoes, especially heels are hard for me. With small feet, a need to have something strapping my foot in (all hail the ankle strap) and inability to wear shoes with a height of more than 3" (that's pushing it) these are the holy grail of Sunday Best.

I can't get over how excited I get when I need to wear a dressier shoe. Normally I dread slipping on heels but these are like stepped up fancy flats. Go me for not getting my heel caught in cobblestone! (that's a total New York thing- cobblestone streets everywhere you don't want them to be)

I would not wear these with bare feet though- I like the cushion of a tight to take up room and protect my poor ankles from any scratches.

Overall, one of my best shoe purchases. The Izzy are versatile, comfy, and super original. Everyone will hear you click-clacking from afar so watch out world!