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Green Festival 2014

Green Festival 2014

Anything that makes me go all the way out to the piers on the west side needs to be worth the trip, because honestly it's a schlep. Naturally the Green Festival falls under that category because who wouldn't want to see all their favorite sustainable brands and some new ones under one roof?

The festival at Pier 94 was quite large with the floorplan set up by type of product being sold. All the food vendors were together, all the bath and body vendors were together ect.. It took a mere 20 minutes to fill up on samples before I even reached the end of the food vendors, but boy was everything I tried great! The way it was laid out allowed for large aisles and lots of personal space, which is unheard of at other sustainability festivals. Because of this, I was actually able to spend time with some vendors and chat about their products. Here were my favorites:

I'm a huge fan and supporter of Julia's cruelty-free line of clothing and jewelry. She is the epitomize of what a small business should be- customer oriented, quality products and super sweet! She was selling both her collections as well as some brand new malas. I picked myself up a pair of her popular slouchy pants and hematite mala which I love. As much as I love dressing up, most days I find myself in something comfy, and her clothing is just that! Since I clock in at five feet zero, I can wear her pants as a jumpsuit or pull them up right below the bust. Yay versatility! Her cotton bamboo blend fabric is so soft, I could have fell asleep on that rack of clothes.

Cecilia Wong Skincare
I had known about Cecilia Wong's salon for awhile and have been meaning to book a facial with her, so I'm glad I was able to have a mini micro-current demo at her booth. The machine sculpts and lifts the face, so although it's ideal for aging skin it still felt pretty awesome. I bought her famous Black Currant serum per her suggestion, as it soothes skin and is perfect for my sensitive and often pink face. All of her products are natural (most vegan) made from raw plant based ingredients, so it's nothing but skinfood! I absolutely love the subtle but sweet smell of the serum, and even though it can go under moisturizer I've just put this on clean skin and leave it at that most days. I felt an instant difference in the smoothness of my skin, and even though it is an oil it sinks in right away- no greasiness at all. I will be treating myself to a facial soon enough!

Three Bluebirds

As I walked by the booth I thought "Oh, such pretty artwork!". Little did I know these are actually Swedish dishcloths! When dry, they are straight and feel like cardboard but while wet they're flexible. They are made from cellulose and cotton, are biodegradable and have water based non-toxic inks. They take the place of paper towels, which can cost a fortune and are considered a wasted resource. These can be machine washed, thrown in the dishwasher or wrung out and last up to 300 washes. I bought three and have only dared to used one so far because as dumb as it sounds they're so pretty and I don't want to "ruin" them- even though they look like new after every wash.


Living Fresh Collection
A luxurious line of linens made from Tencel+Plus™ caught my eye because it's so hard to find quality, organic sheets that are really worth the money. As a sensory person, one swipe of the hand over this cloud-like material and I was sold! They prove thread count doesn't matter if  the material is soft to begin with. The girls representing the collection showed me how the material goes from plant to soft, and it's so cool to know your bedding comes from Eucalyptus trees! This organic method of converting trees to fiber uses only one solvent and less water than traditional cotton manufacturing, according to their website. We can be so cheap when it comes to bedding but what you sleep in really makes a difference! It's the little luxuries like this that allow us to have our best dreams ever.

DF Mavens Ice Cream
Who am I to say no to an ice cream sample? I wish I could remember the flavor I tried (something chocolatey) but I downed it so quick that it was a thing of the past before you could say "Dairy-Free". Which it is, obviously. But they also have different collections with varying bases, from to soy to coconut to almond. Even sugar free for those who indulge maybe more than they should (ie, me). What got me squealing though was a sign on the table that said they will be opening an ice cream shop in the East Village soon! I hope it's very soon because with Lula's odd hours and sometimes open/sometimes closed schedule it's hard to grab a cone when you need one.

Rescue Chocolate
My taste buds were first introduced officially to Rescue Chocolate thanks to a square sample of their peanut butter pit bull bar in a Vegan Cuts snack box. I savored that whole thing for a good five minutes. Dear anyone listening- the way to my heart is through slipper socks and any combination of peanut butter and chocolate. Rescue Chocolate is so unique because they donate 100% of their profits to animal organizations. The girls at the booth were super friendly, including owner Sarah who helped me decide on what flavors to buy.

Yeah Dawg
The pop-up cart sweeping the city with it's meat-free soy-free freshly grilled dogs was front of mind for me after first trying their hot dog at the Vegetarian Food Festival earlier this year. Made from a mixture of beans and vegetables it's a feast for the eyes and mouth. I didn't even hesitate to downing one at 11am in lieu of a probably healthier breakfast smoothie. They offer a "loaded dawg" with all the works including sauerkraut, pickles and even a side of kale. Need I say more?

And that's all she wrote. For now. Were there any other vendors I should have checked out? Do tell!

Just Launched: Vegan Unite

Just Launched: Vegan Unite

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