Hazel Village

Hazel Village

Meet Fiora Fluff. She's my new friend, made by the friends at Hazel Village. I purchased her at the Holiday Market at Columbus Circle and may have taken 20 minutes to decide on her outfit. I recently saw a news segment that said those who feel younger live longer. I'm feeling about 5 right now as I stare lovingly at Fiora, so obsessed with her 100% organic cotton coat, cotton dress and cotton socks that match her pink and white striped ears so well. She's so fluffy!

Hazel Village makes stuffed toys like bunnies, cats, dogs, frogs and mice mainly for children and the occasional adult like myself. Why do I love them so? They're ethically made, for one. Hazel Village's regular line is made in an organic-certified, fair labor factory in India, while custom animals and monograms are done in the Brooklyn workshop where they are based. Their skin is organic cotton and safe enough for little ones.

They are also the perfect size for adults and babies alike- not too large but not too small. You can hold them with one hand but still give them a human hug!

If you purchase an animal at any of the holiday markets like the one at Columbus Circle or Union Square you have the luxury of choosing the animal and it's outfit. If you order online you need to purchase a pre-made animal and outfit combo, although you can purchase additional clothes and accessories. 

I bought Fiora (named Penelope Rabbit on their site but Fiora suited her better) an adorable cotton blue patterned dress and white socks. The shoe selection was all leather so I skipped on footwear but am really digging this ballet ready ensemble I may or may not treat her to.

Their target market is babies and kids but I'm pretty sure anyone with a heart and childlike aura would appreciate the novelty of a stuffed friend, especially when they can be monogramed for extra customization. For an additional $12 on top of the $39 for the toy you can add up to 6 letters hand embroidered on the animal.

To note- products made in the Brooklyn workshop are stuffed with wool and not the polyfill their regular line uses. Vegans can purchase from their regular line, order a custom animal with polyfill and buy all the non-wool non-leather clothes for their friends. The majority of the clothing and accessories are vegan-friendly, just read the product description before adding to your cart.

So maybe you won't buy this for your significant other for Valentine's Day (although it would be the cutest thing ever!) but you should keep Hazel Village in mind for that new baby, friend's kid or even yourself when you need a pick me up. Just because they can't talk doesn't mean they don't listen.