I published my first book!

I published my first book!

As a vegan, you're probably in fluffy bunny mode most of the time. You aww at cat videos, smile at the elderly and do a little happy dance when the restaurant your family picked has multiple vegan options.

But we're all human, so there's bound to be a time when you're angry, upset and just want to punch a wall. I certainly have lots of them! Which is what inspired my new book of comedic and introspective prose, Personal Prose About People I Hate To Make Myself Feel Better.

I think (and hope!) you'll be able to relate to most of what I write about. I have thousands of readers, so even if I strike a chord with one person directly I would be ecstatic.

I would very much appreciate if you picked up a copy. You can read it, leave it on your coffee table, use it as a coaster or even use it as scrap. You don't judge me, I don't judge you :)

Ready to look into my soul, laugh, and support a vegan? How cool of you!