Just Opened: DF Mavens Vegan Ice-Cream Shop!

Just Opened: DF Mavens Vegan Ice-Cream Shop!

Vegans rejoice! DF Mavens, a celebrated ice-cream company recently opened their first store in the East Village. Previously, to enjoy their delectable flavors you would need to visit an expo like the Green Festival or buy a tub in your local supermarket. Now, New Yorkers and visitors alike can enjoy a wide array of flavors, a modern environment and the convenience of being in close proximity to the absolute fun and craziness that is St. Marks Place. I think they really scored on their location. The East Village is one of the coolest places to be at any time of day due to the myriad bars, restaurants and shopping.

The inside of the store has a good amount of seating- I'd say 10 people can comfortable hang out while enjoying their cup or cone. This isn't a plain ole chocolate cone either (although they have that if you like the basics); you can practically taste the rainbow (sorry Skittles!) with the array of flavors. Just make sure you give yourself 10 extra minutes to try all the flavors- trust me when I say you will want to.

Not in the mood for ice-cream? They have plenty in the way of muffins, cookies, salads and sandwiches. All vegan of course.

St. Marks Place is especially popular with college students since the NYU campus and several dorms are in the area. Who needs beer? Given the hours of DF Mavens (open until 10pm or 11pm every. single. night.) I have a feeling this will become the new pre-game snack!


DF Mavens
37 St. Marks Place
New York, NY