Matt and Nat Steffy Crossbody Bag

Matt and Nat Steffy Crossbody Bag
 Matt and Nat Steffy Crossbody

 Like always, Matt and Nat doesn't disappoint. They had a huge end of season sale a few months ago which led me to scoop up a few new bags, including the Steffy in black. I've been using the Steffy crossbody the most recently, so I wanted to share my overwhelmingly positive thoughts. This particular style is no longer in production, but any of their bags are worth the money, even full price. Yes, they're that good.

 Matt and Nat Steffy Crossbody Bag

Matt and Nat's vegan leather is the best I've ever come across- it holds it's shape, wipes clean and is washer safe. I literally wash my bag at least 2 times a week in the washing machine and it comes out looking like new. The color doesn't fade and neither does the hardware.

Their zippers aren't so smooth you would cut your finger accidentally zipping it closed, but they are sturdy enough and the metal is high quality.

The strap drop is a non-adjustable 20"+, which is the longest it can be to look good on my petite 5' frame. Most of their bags come with adjustable straps, this one didn't.

And do I even need to talk about how utterly timeless Mat and Nat's silhouettes are? They don't put out an ugly accessory.

I fit a water bottle, glasses case, Kindle and cosmetics bag in here without a fight. I feel like Mary Poppins! The outside pocket is super slim, and fits my regular sized iPhone (not a Plus).

I did a little researching.. you can buy Mat and Nat's Steffy crossbody in Red on Amazon here or Graval Grey on eBay here from other sellers.

Since this style isn't sold on their site anymore like I mentioned, I needed to express my love just in case you spot the Steffy at a department store like Century 21 or Nordstrom Rack. Don't hesitate!

Did you know their bags are even sold at The New York Public Library's gift shop? This is a huge tourist attraction, and part of my Midtown tour.

I'll be posting reviews and pictures of the other two bags I bought soon, so stay tuned ;)