Newly Launched: Preserve by Blake Lively

Newly Launched: Preserve by Blake Lively

Blake Lively's newest endeavor, Preserve, has been creating buzz around the internet first for it's similarity to GOOP or any Martha Stewart project and then (after launching) for it's potentially eye-roll worthy products and prose. 

Preserve, a place for curated, handcrafted and artisanal made in America goods is- in my humble opinion- genius. 

Before launching I thought to myself "there is no way I will be able to afford anything on this site" because of it's association with Blake Lively, but the prices actually aren't anything to throw a tantrum about. 

Blake Lively is the Susie Homemaker type and while I can't identity with wanting to spend $185 on a tea stand I think we should rejoice at the number of vegan and cruelty free MADE IN AMERICA goods that are offered!

It's yet another platform beautiful animal friendly products are shoppable. Of course the site is not vegan and chicken is championed as a meal along with leather wallets up the ying yang but I think this project is deserving of some recognition for putting the money back into America's hands, supporting small businesses and celebrating handmade goods.

I had no problem finding my favorites like a Parisienne straw hat, maxi dress and wait for it... VEGAN HOT FUDGE! And I can't forget to throw in the highly anticipated stone bangles made from repurposed guitar strings.

I respect Blake for her commitment to showcasing the talented people of this fine nation and for the charitable contributions the site makes. 5% of every purchase goes to Covenant House, an organization that has helped over a million homeless children by providing food, clothing and shelter.

Preserve is most certainly worth keeping an eye on as it grows to include more products.

I like pink things and glittery things and twirling things. I like them even better if they sing and wear a ring.