Spotlight On Sticky Nikki Stationery
 Sticky Nikki Yello Notecard

A few months ago, craving a way to shut out technology and gives my eyes a rest from the computer screen, I started doodling on computer paper (ironic?) with colorful pens. Those doodles turned into a cute stick figure that resembled a lot of the things I did or wanted to do. I named her Sticky Nikki.

Truthfully, I was only able to initially draw the outline of a high heel, as I had learned in fashion design class so many years ago. It was the single shape I retained, and as I kept drawing a high heel over and over again, I thought about how to turn that into a person. Luckily, I can only draw stick figures, and I'm kind of grateful I don't have the artistic ability to do much beyond that. But I love the simplicity and straightforwardness of stick figures. She was so cute and I wanted to share her with more people to laugh the way my mom did each time I debuted a new drawing. Thus, Sticky Nikki stationery was born!

Sending a greeting card or notecard is so meaningful. Who doesn't like getting a card in the mail? For years I've exchanged cards with family and friends and love the personal touch it brings. Whether or not it's accompanied by a gift, it screams "I took the time to think about you, get a card for you and mail it to you." In today's digital age, this means a hella lot!

My spring/summer line of notecards was just released, with designs for every personality. I'd love your thoughts and business if you too identify with Sticky Nikki.

 Sticky Nikki A-Line Queen Notecard