Tour NYC with me in 2015, vegan style!

Tour NYC with me in 2015, vegan style!

Happy New Year everyone! New year, new resolutions or plans. Starting fresh is, well, refreshing! What doesn't seem possible at the beginning of a new year?

If one of your goals is to travel more by visiting New York City or learn it's vegan friendly spots I'm happy to inform you that I want to help :)  I want you to fall in love with this city just as much as I have. No number of blog or Instagram posts will ever do it justice (although I'll keep trying in 2015!).

Please use the code 2015TOUR for 50% off a personal tour of NYC by March 31st. You can obtain this discount no matter when you plan on coming to New York this year. Once you click "Tour New York", you'll have the opportunity to tell me when you will be in the city and what your interests are. Need travel advice or preliminary information? Don't hesitate to reach out to me before booking with any questions or just to start a conversation. I'm very friendly :)

Tours are good for up to 4 people, so pay once and bring up to 3 people on our tour! A tour with me is stress-free. I take care of the booking and reservations for all activities we do together and am happy to advise on where and how you can spend the rest of your time in the city. I've been told taking a tour with me is like hanging out with your best friend- super casual and full of laughs!

Here are some things I did last year that you can do too:

Check out the holiday windows on 5th Avenue. 
(While typically devoid of vegan items, the holidays windows of stores like Bergdorf's and Sak's are an annual tradition and institution)

Visit the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

Take a picture with the famous Eloise painting in The Plaza.

Shop the Holiday Market at Columbus Circle.


Stroll around Soho.

Hang out in Washington Square Park. (near the famous Dosas vegan truck)

See a Broadway show.

Then grab a bite at Blossom Du Jour...

.. or Two Boots Pizza! (they have two types of vegan slices)

Shop for vegan make-up.

Eat vegan ice-cream.

Take in views like this.

So.. what story will you write for yourself this year?