Vegetarian Shoes Non Steel-Toe Airseal Engineer Boot

Vegetarian Shoes Non Steel-Toe Airseal Engineer Boot

Here's the deal: whenever I buy an item that's worthy of the world's attention I shall write a post about it. No need to share when I change my shampoo (unless it's amazing and makes frizzies go away for good) or when I score a pair of cheap flip flops. But these, my friends, are worth your attention. With me now?

New York is New York so the weather changes more than you change you underwear. Since it dropped to the 60's recently I panicked since I haven't yet purchased a wear-all-winter boot. Every year I wear the same pair of shoes more or less for the entire winter. This is because it's easy, I'm lazy and they're comfy. Before I veganized my wardrobe my boots were Frye motorcycle boots. I wore them everyday for two years and they were the most comfortable boots ever needing just a little breaking in. I've been looking for a vegan version of those that can withstand the crazy NYC weather and look cute too. There's something so effortless about motorcycle boots, leggings and an oversized sweater with a great bag. That's my winter uniform and you're welcome to steal it :)

Vegetarian Shoes has long been known for heavy duty, quality shoes. Their Airseal line is no joke, with soles welded to the shoe boasting shock absorption and traction. Combine that with water resistant uppers and cool hardware and you've got yourself the perfect boot. I ordered the Non-Steel Toe Engineer Boot because the steel toe version weighs more than a baby (I picked them up at Moo Shoes once and I put them right back on the shelf- oww!). 

Since they're made in England in one of the nation's oldest factories I didn't expect to receive them until fall was underway but to my surprise they arrived THREE days later!! So naturally I tried them on and strutted around the house for hours.

The faux leather upper is sturdy yet pliable. The soles are supposed to break in with wear but I honestly don't see these ever looking "used" despite how much I plan on wearing them. There isn't a great deal of padding inside but enough to keep your foot comfortable and insulate your legs. In terms of sizing, they run large so I ordered a UK 4 (US 6) since I normally wear anywhere from a size 5-7 in shoes. I could have probably ordered a UK 5 (US 7) and had more room for thicker socks, but since they fit pretty well I don't want to exchange them (or part with them!) I'm just going to keep them.

When I was doing some research before ordering these boots I couldn't find them on a real person so here is me wearing the boots (for reference I'm 5'):

The buckles are adjustable to make room for wider calfs or thicker pants. I didn't have to struggle to undo the buckle either. Please excuse my bunchy yoga pants, but I think they prove how much pant you can squeeze into these boots. They are the perfect height for jeans, leggings and dresses with tights plus my other signature- leg warmers!

I would definitely recommend these as a go-to boot if you only like to wear one pair of shoes every day or if you don't like rainboots (who are you?) since they're a weatherproof alternative. They came out to be $200 US Dollars when converted from pounds, but well worth the investment in my humble opinion.

Edit: This post has gotten a lot of views, so I thought I'd add a few more pictures of the boots!