Living Cruelty-Free in NYC

A must for vegans traveling to New York!

Navigating a new city (NYC no less) as a transplant or tourist is difficult enough- throw in the task of planning a day's activities or researching places to go and you've wasted valuable time that could have been spent sight-seeing, shopping or eating yummy vegan food. As a native New Yorker living a vegan life, I can show you my New York, catered to your interests and tastebuds neighborhood by neighborhood. 

All my tours are walking tours. Forget wasting time waiting for the subway. Just bring your legs, an empty stomach, cash and an open mind. Oh, and a camera. You won't want to miss capturing classic New York moments.

Important Info

$500 per person
Duration: 3 hours
Days: Monday- Sunday
(7 days a week, yeah!)
Cost of activities, food and shopping not included

It's easy! All you have to do is:

  1. Read about each neighborhood tour I offer
  2. Decide which tour(s) you're interested in taking 
  3. Indicate the number of people in your group
  4. Select a date and time you want your tour


Why tour with me?

This is the only tour of it's kind in New York. I'm not only a native New Yorker, but I am easy going, genuinely love this city and make every tour super fun! I promise you will get the most out of each neighborhood. Each tour includes tourist attractions, vegan food, cruelty-free shopping and a park so you get a truly authentic New York experience.





I really want to gift a tour.
— Everyone with good taste and a big heart.