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100% Pure Blush and Lip Glaze Review

100% Pure Blush and Lip Glaze Review

I have always admired the beauty company 100% Pure for their truly natural ingredients and effortless formulas, however I only recently tried my hand (er, face!) at their lip glazes and blush. 

Several large Duane Reades in the city carry 100% Pure so it was a matter of time before I came across one to pop into. I went to one in Times Square (there are several) and gawked at the display of options like I always do. With the intention of re-creating my makeup routine (which was nonexistent) I had my heart set on purchasing a cheek and lip color. The real question was which ones? 

100% Pure offers so many shades it's hard to pick and even harder to determine if it will work on your skintone. Looking at their website isn't too helpful because you really don't get a sense of how pigmented the colors are.

After swatching nearly 10 lip colors on my hand I decided on the Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Strawberry and Fruit Pigmented Cherry Blush. Because I am fair and have a pink undertone, I felt these would enhance my features. I wasn't wrong!

Strawberry Lip Glaze

With so many pinks in 100% Pure's lineup, it was hard choosing a lip color that I felt was everyday wearable. I have never come across such pigmented and color intense products. This lip glaze requires one swipe for a color that lasts- yes- all day. 

The consistency is creamy, like a lip balm. If you're not careful you will find yourself applying too much just because it feels so smooth! Even on dry lips, it doesn't sit in the cracks but moisturizes. The color of Strawberry is a flattering pink. When I want a more demure lip I'll use regular lip balm then tap this lip glaze on gingerly instead of swiping. As Dora the Explorer once said- "Swiper no swiping!" It's really not necessary unless you want a real "Wow!" lip for 5 hours.

This isn't a stain, so the color comes off when I eat and drink. Miraculously, it doesn't fade quickly and after 6 hours I will happily find what looks like lips that just ate watermelon on my face.

In short, I am in love with the lip glaze! I will buy more in the future but at $25 a pop I'm focusing on using this one up. A bright lip really lifts your face and I haven't found a color as great as this one I won't tire of.

I don't even need to mention the packaging because it really speaks for itself- super feminine and luxe.


Cherry Blush

Talk about color! Very little of this blush is needed or else you risk looking like a clown. It's a pinky pink, and simply glides over my skin like it's meant to be there. No skin reaction, no breakouts and dare I say my skin looks and feels healthy at the end of the day instead of lumpy and clumpy. The 100% Pure embossed logo on the blush gives it an extra cool touch as well.

 Wearing the Cherry Blush and Strawberry Lip Glaze in natural sunlight. What a glow!

Wearing the Cherry Blush and Strawberry Lip Glaze in natural sunlight. What a glow!

I never wear eye makeup and am lucky if I remember a lipstick but given it's the summer and I have a healthy glow, I wanted a palette that complemented my skin to make it look even more sun kissed. I do not spend a lot of money on makeup so when I do the products really need to work for me. I am so happy with these two products that if I had a talk show everyone would get them for free!

There is no excuse why you should look like a member of the circus. Natural and subtle colors go a long way in bringing out your inner beauty. 

Obviously, I plan on wearing the lip glaze and blush until there's nothing left. These products make me want to put on makeup (which is quite the feat) and given it takes all of 3 minutes tops, there's no reason why I wouldn't!

Overall, I couldn't recommend 100% Pure and these products enough :)

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