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100% Pure Nail Polish Review

100% Pure Nail Polish Review


I'm a huge 100% Pure fan. 98% of my makeup is 100% Pure. Their lip products look pretty, smell nice and have maximum staying power. As a result, I wanted to branch out and try their nail lacquers and full system.

The Products

I purchased a bunch of colors plus the Horsetail Base Coat and Glass Top Coat.

One of the colors I purchased was Deep Sea.

Free of the common carcinogens in most nail polish: formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, and formaldehyde resin.
— 100% Pure

Being free of all the nasties you normally have to worry about, I was eager to use a whole system in the hopes they would work stellar together. I've mixed brands in the past but wanted everything from 100% Pure to get the maximum staying power.

The Verdict

I'm really disappointed by the staying power of this system.

At this point, I've used at least 6 different nail polish colors from 100% Pure with their base and top coat. They don't last and often chip within a day or two. Conversely, I've used the 100% Pure base and top coat with other nail polishes which have held up fine. This means that the issue is with their nail polish and not necessarily the base or top coat.

The good: the colors are vibrant and wearable. The bottles have a slim profile which make them easy to throw in a bag. The colors are beautifully rich- but who really cares if your manicure doesn't last? I was so rooting for these colors to become a staple in my nail polish collection but they are taking a backseat to my new Julep colors.

Previously, I've used a Dazzle Dry topcoat which promises a quick dry and no chipped polish. It delivers on that promise! I'll probably go back to that in order to use the 100% Pure polish.

I don't do anything that makes polish chip faster than normal other than washing my hands a lot. No dishes, cleaning etc.. Therefore, it has to be the system. It's a shame because the brand has otherwise great products and "brand" with a cult following (me included). 

It's been several months since I bought the nail polishes and you can see they are bubbling and even turning green!

I recommend they work on their formula and come back with something better. It doesn't deter me from buying other 100% Pure products because I believe in their brand and feel like their nail polishes just aren't up to par with their standards. If you only bought these, you would be thinking right about now "What standards??"

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