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Cynthia King Vegan Ballet Slippers Review

Cynthia King Vegan Ballet Slippers Review

If you're vegan and dance, you know the limited selection of quality accessories there are. I wrote a post about vegan dance shoes on Peaceful Dumpling a few years ago and was excited to finally order a pair for myself. I danced ballet as a child and have itched to get back into it for several years. The time came and I was ecstatic to order the most well-known vegan ballet slippers on the market by Cynthia King.


The Product

Vegan Activiste canvas split-sole ballet slippers by Cynthia King. I am a size US 5 or 6 in regular shoes, so I ordered a EU 37.

-100% Vegan Full Sole and Split Sole Canvas Ballet Slippers
- Improved synthetic split-sole, providing optimal grip
- U-shaped vamp
- Soft pleats
- Delicate cushion at the ball and heel
- Soft, breathable canvas upper
— Cynthia King

The Verdict

They came packaged in an adorable pink mesh bag. The slippers themselves are canvas with a double elastic and a bow that tightens the top. There is gold foil lettering on the soles that says "cruelty-free." These are the nicest part of the shoes. And that's where the good stuff ends.

They Look Cheap

Looking at them, they look like they cost $5, not the $36 I paid! They literally look like the canvas slippers at the Pearl River Mart. This was extremely dissappointing because I would be so embarassed showing up to ballet class in these.

They Feel Rough

The inside isn't comfortable to me. It's rough and not conducive to walking, let alone ballet! I didn't wear canvas slippers as a child and I am sensitive to certain textiles but I can't imagine these are comfortable for anyone.

They Charge $10 For Shipping!

Are you kidding me? Puh-lease. These weigh like nothing! Talk about taking advantage of your customers. The shoes are $26.95 plus $10 shipping = almost $40. I wouldn't mind if I was in love with them, but I'm not.

They Are Bunchy

I don't think I could have taken a smaller size. I have just enough space for tights. I really think the bunchiness at the toe and sides is just the shoe's construction. I feel like my foot is swimming in rough canvas. I can't move my feet smoothly in these. They don't lend themselves to long, lean lines as you would expect from a ballet dancer.

I had high hopes for these shoes, being one of the few vegan options on the market. The only other vegan ballet slippers online I see are ones from JJ's House and Capezio. Grishko has a page for vegan slippers coming soon. You can also get vegan pointe shoes from Grishko.

I'm going to try my luck with another brand. While Cynthia King sells another shoe (the Pro-Line) I won't be taking my chances again.

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