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Melissa Shoes Creatives Wedge Review

Melissa Shoes Creatives Wedge Review

Strolling through Soho on a perfect Spring day I couldn't resist the call of Galleria Melissa, the Melissa Shoes boutique selling nothing but candy scented rubber shoes.

You might be wondering how my spending freeze is going and I'm happy to report it's going well! Focusing on experiences and my wellbeing has proven easier than I thought. I don't even remember the last time I bought a pair of summer shoes :D

I've only splurged on a few bathing suits from ShadowPlayNYC and now, these wedges! All necessary items that are well worth the investment because hey, versatility!

Trying them on in the store's full-length mirror.

Now, the shoes! Heels aren't my thing since I don't have the balance nor the pain tolerance for them so I usually stick with flats. That said, a girl knows when a little bump in height is needed. This need is apparent when wearing maxi dresses, flouncy skirts and taking pictures with taller people.

My tiny size 5 feet don't take well to straps unless they are ankle straps securing my foot in like a theme park ride. Unfortunately, none of the shoes I tried on felt super secure.

Lucky for me, I spotted the Creatives Wedge which are as easy as slip and go. They have a 3" wedge and 1 1/4" platform so the slope isn't too steep. It's not a flatform but are just as comfy.

You can always count on Melissa Shoes to have an outrageous color selection and indeed they didn't disappoint! Your funky red, yellow, blue and pink are statement makers in comparison to the neutrals beige, black and white.

All the colors, oh my!

As much as I love the pink, I know the black will become a staple in the warmer weather as they go with absolutely everything. Even pajamas. Got a pair of loose black pants you only let your dog see you in? Slip on a wedged shoe and you're halfway ready for the ball! Exhibit A:

Since the Creative Wedges are practically a modern day slipper for grown-ups, you can't go wrong with them no matter which color tickles you pink (or black, or red, or blue..).

The shoe is plastic with no padding, but the slope hugs my foot in a way that it's not like walking on cement. For once, I might actually be able to glide across a room with grace instead of the usual dragging, tripping and stumbling that occurs. The thick straps don't irritate the skin and are as smooth as Earth Balance butter. The back is a bit higher to cup your foot in so it's not hanging out. This shoe runs large so I got a size 5 and have some room to spare. Melissa Shoes doesn't do half sizes either so if you're unsure I would size down on this one.

I'm very excited to wear these with everything to give me a few inches but more importantly, to show off my pedicure.

Happy Spring!

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