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My Magic Mud Review

My Magic Mud Review

Things I fantasize about: beach days, visiting Paris and obtaining white teeth. 

Let's face it- the chalk white teeth of celebrities are artificially bought with professional whitening sessions or bonded teeth. I never could wrap my head around how their teeth stayed so white. Did they get them professionally whitened every 2 months? Do they only eat light colored foods? Does the Starbucks barista sprinkle in a magic ingredient that prevents their double frappe from staining?

The mystery will never be solved! However, I am happy to share my own quest for a white and bright smile.

I've never had super yellow teeth, but when I went vegan four years ago I couldn't muster up the desire to eat enough leafy greens. This made me anemic. Thus, I aggressively pour liquid iron into my OJ every morning.

(This is the part where hardcore vegans scorn me for not eating my spinach or kale on the daily, and I know! Nobody's perfect.)

I'm totally fine with the taste of iron in my juice because I got used to it, but unfortunately it stains your teeth no matter how gingerly you sip it from a straw. As an occasional tea drinker and coffee hater, this really bugged me. After years of trying whitening toothpaste (don't worry, it was Tom's) nothing changed.

I was so desperate for a quick fix that I scooped up a deal on Living Social for a professional Zoom whitening treatment last summer.  The dentist's office had great reviews and patients touting great results so I thought, why not? 

The treatment itself didn't hurt and was quick (three 15 minute intervals while watching Gossip Girl on their Netflix ready TVs) but considering they bleach your teeth you have to expect some kind of pain, right? RIGHT! On the train home my teeth had super painful pulsing sensations. I would be fine one minute and gripping my mouth the next. My fellow passengers most certainly thought I had escaped from the crazy house.

I didn't care though because at the time I was so ecstatic with my blinding bright smile so I sucked up the pain. After you get teeth professionally whitened, you can't eat any dark food for a few days so I avoided my iron and all foods that paired best with ketchup (french fries, faux meat, hot dogs...)

I also didn't care that pouring chemicals on your teeth is toxic and not ideal because I was going to have white teeth, damn it! Well guess what? As soon as I started taking my iron and eating french fries again my teeth's brightness slowly diminished.

This sad trail of lost hope continued as I searched for a permanent solution. I tried a Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide and toothpaste mixture with some success, however I'm lazy and didn't like having to concoct the thing on a regular basis.

Having had two sets of braces as a child I did not want my orthodontist's work to go to waste. 

My progression over a month

Thus, I was perusing Vegan Cuts one day and stumbled upon My Magic Mud. With the promise of whiter teeth in just one use, I was intrigued. After reading reviews by moms who endorsed the product I was practically sold. However, given it's a black powder that makes a mess and looks like dirt I wasn't entirely sure I would love it.

Luckily, it works wonders for me! It replaces your toothpaste at night, so it's a one product regime.

It comes in a tub that you have to ever so carefully twist off over the sink. You wet your toothbrush, dip the tip of the bristles in the powder and tap it gently. Then you brush for two minutes, rinse repeatedly and floss. For good measure, I also waterpik because oral hygiene is paramount. 

It does make a mess and takes some getting used to (only do this over a sink or bathtub), however it's super funny to see yourself with a black mouth. Finally, a dirty mouth your mom can be proud of!

Made from charcoal, mint and orange peel extract and bentonite clay, this powder is safe and tasteless. Since it's powder, it's also light and doesn't feel like anything. I found the two minutes go by slow because my toothbrush is electric and I need to keep my lips closed to avoid splattering, but that's a small inconvenience when I think about how jealous diamonds are of my newfound sparkle.

My usually sensitive teeth don't hurt after brushing, although the first time using mud they had that "just cleaned" feeling the most. Now, the feeling is more toned down but still very appealing.

In terms of whiteness, my teeth were noticeably whiter the first time and they continue to stay a healthy white as I use it on a daily basis. I notice if I don't use it for a few days my teeth aren't as shiny which is incentive enough! I was also surprised at how well it removed plaque. Normally when you go to the dentist you have some plaque buildup they scrape off but using this has left me with smooth plaque-free teeth regular toothpaste couldn't combat!

In sum, this tub of magic is well worth the $25 and will last you forever! I don't see myself purchasing another for a least 6 months. And because I have no shame, here is my mud selfie:

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