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PMD Personal Microderm Review

PMD Personal Microderm Review


I really wish I took more progress pictures because those are the magic, really. (Hint: they're at the end!) There are few beauty rituals I look forward to: washing my face with the Clarisonic, rubbing on my Lapis Oil and now... microdermabrasion.

The Product

The PMD Microderm is an at-home microderm device that gives you the same results as if you went to the spa and asked for a microderm treatment. Doing that, you would spend more than $100 a pop, so the value in this product sells itself. At around $150 for the device and discs, it's a no brainer. But what drew me to the device in the first place is exfoliation without chemicals- at all. A lot of beauty devices require that you use their serum, treatment cream or something exclusive to them. Usually these aren't vegan, forget about cruelty-free. With the PMD, all you need is a clean face, dry skin and a mirror.


The Personal Microderm Device is a revolutionary at-home skin-care tool that combines spinning disc technology and vacuum suction.

The PMD Device helps physically exfoliate and remove superficial layers of dull, dead skin that block the full absorption and delivery of serums, lotions, and other cosmetic products. Exfoliation reduces the skin’s roughness and gradually diminishes the look of uneven skin tone, resulting in a smoother, softer, and more radiant appearance. The device helps reduce the appearance of pores and also helps increase cell turnover for more youthful-looking skin.

The Verdict

As you know, clear skin has been a lifelong struggle for me. I don't buy products "just to try", I actually hope they will work.

At first glance this device seems scary. Even though I watched several Youtube videos on how to use it before it arrived, I still popped the instructional DVD in my TV. The disc colors indicate their strength, but you always start with the white training disc. It's the least harsh and lets you get the hang of the PMD. You change discs and "move up" after 3-4 uses. I have been using this once a week for three months and have gone through several color discs already.

You pull your skin taut as you quickly brush this over your skin in upwards strokes. Its built-in vacuum suction pulls your skin towards the unit where it's exfoliated with the disc. After it's used, clean the filter (a small spongey thing that sits below the disc) and cap with hot water and soap.

In short, this has become a holy grail item. While I don't have pick scars or super deep acne marks, I am so prone to hyper pigmentation. When I started using this, I felt like a Dalmatian because I had so many spots.

The PMD is amazing for two reasons:

1. It reduced dark acne marks

2. It stops cystic acne in it's tracks

That's right! I've used this baby on some new cystic bumps and by the next day they are gone or scabbing.

Not to mention how baby smooth my skin is all. the. time. By getting rid of the top layer of skin, I feel like I've been given a whole new face.


You see how my chin and cheeks were full of spots? Some from acne, some from sun exposure.

After 3 Months (~12 uses)

 After three months of the PMD

After three months of the PMD

I mean, yay! It's the gift that keeps on giving. Every week my skin improves and I see results. Obviously, I have the palest, sensitive and most see-through skin that will always show something as little as a scratch. My pink undertone doesn't help. My skin is constantly scabbing after using the PMD on what few bumps I have, but I would rather get an immediate scab than the urge to pick at it. However, overall my skin appears flawless. I credit my newfound complexion to Herbivore's Lapis Oil and the PMD.

Another perk: it comes with body discs, so if you have a willing friend or family member you can have them exfoliate your back. And let's be honest, when is the last time you exfoliated your back?

If you have acne, acne scars or just feel like your face can double for sandpaper then it's worth trying the PMD. QVC's return window is 30 days, so you can use it four times before sending it back. You will definitely see results in that timeframe. I don't know why I hadn't thought of microdermabrasion sooner, but probably because I grouped it into the "scary spa treatments I wouldn't try" category.

Thanks to this at-first-intimidating device, I can have soft, clear skin and keep it that way. Let me know if you ever tried microdermabrasion and/or the PMD. I'm genuinely curious :)

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