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S'well Water Bottle Review

S'well Water Bottle Review


This one is for my beloved S'well insulated 25oz water bottle.

I know what you're thinking- it's HUGE! And it is. But I drink a lot of water and needed a bottle that would hold up while traveling.


The Product

S'well makes insulated stainless steel bottles in several sizes, mine being the largest. They tout keeping your drinks cold for 24 hours and drinks hot for 12. It's a fashionable and functional water bottle that does good. They are involved with WaterAid and several other charities.


What I Think

It's everything and more! The hot pink I have is no longer sold on S'well's site but is available on Amazon. It doesn't taste like metal and keeps the liquids hot or cold. Cold water actually stays cold!

I'm obsessed with my bottle and feel it's well worth the $45. Not to mention it is SO chic. I never thought I would be excited to lug around a water bottle but it's worth the schlep. I won't lie- when full it's pretty heavy. So heavy that I ended up carrying it around in my hands because I was afraid it would break my bags. No biggie though because it's a built-in workout.

Speaking of workouts, the 25oz is too clunky for the gym so I would go with the 9oz or 17oz for frequent travel/exercise that's more local. The 25oz was perfect for me because it held all the water I needed in a day. This itself was impressive.

The only thing I don't like is that they aren't dishwasher safe. This is a mild annoyance because of how easy they are to clean (water and dish soap) but it would be perfect if I could throw it in with all my other kitchen stuff.

Do I look like a tourist or what?

In summary, I guess this would be considered a designer water bottle. As fancy as something is, if it doesn't do what it's supposed to then it's a waste. S'well bottles of any size are a great investment in saving your wallet, the world and helpless communities that don't have access to clean water. They live up to the hype! A new staple in my bag for sure.

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