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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

As someone allergic to aloe and hates wearing makeup on a daily basis, I've had a love/hate relationship with my Vegan Cuts Beauty Box shipments every month. While I adore having something to look forward to and treat the unpacking like it's Christmas, most of the time I can't use at least 2 items because they have aloe and/or I don't wear mascara or really any eye makeup. My skin is also super sensitive, so I generally stick with a simple skincare regimen. As a result, my family and friends go nuts with my unusable makeup. Hint hint Vegan Cuts: please accommodate for an aloe allergy, it's not soothing for everyone.

If I'm being honest, I usually have no intention of purchasing full sized products of the samples because I just have so many samples! Who needs a full size hairspray when I have 4 mini ones that still need to be used?

I follow the "less is more" philosophy, specifically when it comes to taking care of the largest organ of the body. That said, I've been a subscriber since the first Beauty Box and I've enjoyed the monthly surprises.  I temporarily canceled my subscription while I try to use up everything I have. While not all of the products Vegan Cuts send resonate with me, these are my absolute favorites.


Pacifica Coconut Kiss Creamy Lip Butter
It smells like candy for your lips, but in a dreamy way and not a gross sugar overload way. I don't like products that make you use your fingers to apply it so I might get a lip brush, but this balm is both moisturizing and natural looking. It's always in my bag and makes me look lively. It's true that a colored lip will blur out your complexion!


Green Body Deodorant
Thank goodness I read the label before applying to my lips, because this deodorant in a lip balm container is great! The size is perfect for my purse and having a deodorant in stick form makes mornings less messy. Also, it's the perfect gym/yoga companion!


Dew Puff
I received this puff months ago but I just opened it recently in a bout of desperateness after my 3 year old Clarisonic died on me. I had previously refused to use anything other than my Clarisonic, because my skin just isn't the same without the deep clean. I was not about to use a washcloth on my face, so out the DewPuff came. And dare I say- I loved it! The texture is weird at first because when dry it's hard but when wet it's pliable. Still, you're not supposed to squeeze or wring it too harshly since it's made from konjac root.

Although it's suggested you just use water and the puff, I wet my face, added cleanser to my skin then rubbed the puff in light circular motions around my face. It's soothing and spa-like. It doesn't feel like you're getting any dirt out because it's so soft, but I had no flare ups or reaction whatsoever. Side note- I used it with and without cleanser though and found without cleanser had the best results, go figure!

They make 3 different sponges- original (what I used), Charcoal (for acne-prone skin) and Asian Clay for a deeper clean. Each sponge lasts up to 3 months with daily use, so while mine will be good for awhile (just got a new Clarisonic Mia in the mail, yay) I will consider buying another one next year.


Medusa's Makeup Kabuki brush
If only because the name is fun to say, I love my kabuki brush. It's synthetic bristles are soft as air and feel amazing on my skin. I use it to apply blush and any powder, but you can find me swirling the tool on my cheek for it's heavenly texture. It blends exceptionally well and smooths my blush on evenly and naturally. Because of it's thickness, I'm able to swirl it in circular motions up and down my cheekbones for a radiant glow. It does the blending for me so I don't look like a clown. Circus-chic is not a thing.


Superchic Lacquer 
Princess pink with frosted finish- need I say more?


Dazzle Dry Top Coat
This tiny bottle packs a major punch when it comes to wearing regular polish like a gel and not chipping for a week. I've alternated between this top coat and the one my nail salon has and this really keeps my nails from chipping for like 5 days. Sorcery!


The All Natural Face Cream Blush in Dusky Rose
This cream blush blends beautifully into my fair skin. i prefer to use this as a blush only and forgo my lips as the color looks better on my skin than lips. It's still the perfect size for my tiny makeup bag and provides necessary color to make me look dewy in a pinch.


There ya have it! My absolute favorites. As a subscriber since the beginning of the beauty box I'm sad to end this monthly love affair but I need to use up what I have and let my skin breath. I can't tolerate a new cleanser/foundation/lotion every month so my skin is in a bit of a fit. 

All in all, I love subscription boxes for all hobbies/purposes. I think they're a great idea and make fabulous gifts. Everything I've received in my Vegan Cuts Beauty Box has been quality, so I would recommend this and their other boxes (I get the snack box!) to anyone living a vegan lifestyle, interested in cleaner products or as the perfect gift for that one vegan friend.

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