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Vegetarian Shoes Biker Low Boot

Vegetarian Shoes Biker Low Boot


My love affair with Vegetarian Shoes hasn't stopped since I bought my first pair of boots from them. To be honest, they are the reason my shoe wardrobe has shrunk. When you're given a taste of the good stuff, you don't settle for anything less. Quality over quantity most certainly applies here.

In total, I own three pairs of shoes from Vegetarian Shoes:

Engineer Boot- review here.

Biker Boot- this post.

Beatrix Shoe- review to come.

This review is honest and thorough because I've literally been wearing these boots nearly every day since October. Whoa!

Why I Bought These

I had wanted a lower biker boot for awhile, because although I do love my Engineer Boots they are a bit heavy for warmer weather and don't let me show off my amazing fuzzy sock collection. In case you're new around here, my winter uniform is an oversized sweater, leggings, fuzzy socks and these boots. If I want to trick people into thinking I spent time pulling myself together, I'll throw on a swipe of lipstick and a necklace. Let's get one thing straight though- I'm only as cool as these shoes make me look. I don't own a motorcycle.

I don't wear shoes in the house, so I like shoes that are easy to slip on and off. I still sit cross-legged in chairs (even in public places) so I tend to slip off my shoes while I'm eating at a restaurant or even in the movies too.

The Boots

They are made from Vegetarian Shoe's Vegetan Bucky material which looks and feels like leather.

Vegetan Bucky: A hard wearing breathable microfibre that looks and feels amazingly like supple leather. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Use spray-on waterproofer or our dubbin. This material will darken slightly with the use of shoe care products.
— Vegetarian Shoes

I bought a size EU 38, which translates to a US Size 7. I have plenty of room to wear thick socks and tuck in jeans or leg warmers. I typically take a size 5 in shoes and always order up when buying boots. I've never needed it, but they have a pull tab on the back as well. The rubber sole has great traction, and a 3cm heel. An adjustable silver buckle is the nicest finishing and makes the biker style.

 It wears much better than leather though, because they look like new. They aren't weatherproof although you can spray on waterproofer. That said, I've worn these in dirt, splashed in puddles and ran in the rain. And they still look perfect! It must be some kind of sorcery.

As any vegan can attest, not all vegan leather is equal. Most "vegan leather" is cheap and stiff. While these aren't super flexible, they have the quality, comfort and durability I look for in boots. 

What They Look Like Now

Yes, that white sticker has been stuck and stayed inside the boot since October- talk about heavy duty. I could have removed it but I didn't, no particular reason, ha! They are just as comfortable now as they were when I got them. I could (and have!) walk for hours in these.

I anticipate the Biker Boots will continue to be a workhorse in the years to come. In short (bike boot fashion), I would say these are a sound investment.

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