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Too Chic For Meat is the ultimate guide to cruelty-free fashion for discerning vegans. By Nicole.

Vegan Holiday Gift Guide For The Fashionista

Vegan Holiday Gift Guide For The Fashionista

Can you ever have too many purses or shoes or belts?

Not according to a vegan fashionista. This is the holiday season which means more is more. Mindful consumption is out the window once Black Friday tortuously pulls your wallet open and makes a home in there. It’s like a feeding frenzy!

Whether they need a new bag or just really need a new bag, you have many options. I think we’ve sufficiently got over the fact vegans can wear more than a hemp sack (although it’s very avante-garde.. with some heels.. writing that down) so these are the chicest clothes, bags and accessories available for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.

Bags & Accessories

I’m having a moment with box bags right now because they are so self-contained. Even if your bag’s inside is a hot mess, no one would know it. I think this is the perfect statement bag. Wear it to your New Year’s party.. and every day after that.

I just love Betsey’s whimsical designs and non-leather material. This velvet ballet slipper clutch is just big enough to slip (ha!) in your essentials before being whisked away to the Ballet. Or Opera. Or vegan restaurant.

To hold all those on-trend high-waisted pants up, you need a belt. They also draw everyone’s eyes to your waist because of the hugely huge buckle. If that’s what you’re going for, then this is the belt for you.

If the buckles on seatbelts are more your style (safety first!) then let me introduce you to Harveys. Who knew seatbelts could be so chic? Constructed from reclaimed seatbelts and recycled plastic, the brilliant purple hue gives this wallet a pop of fashun with a side of “I’m more eco-friendly than you.” Plus, it’s super roomy.

I can’t tell whether they were going for the “bag made out of spare tinfoil in the cabinet” or not. Either way, I like the texture and visibility. You can’t miss this bag because it reflects everything. It doesn’t shine bright like a diamond, but it does shine bright like the sun hitting a car and blinding you. Deux Lux’s vegan leather is second to none and withstands anything thrown at it, in it, and on top of it. It washes very well in the machine and I should know because I wash all my bags the second they re-enter my not-so-humble abode.


Lucky enough to have a resort booked to wear your Resort wear? Then you should have just enough room for these Cosmic Slides in your suitcase. Melissa Shoes makes the cutest vegan plastic and candy-smelling footwear that double as art. I especially admire the way they do glitter.

Vacation not in the cards? Then perhaps you’d like to pretend you know to ride a horse.. or at least dress for it. These are two shoes in one! The top part comes off to reveal a short boot.


Don’t do heels? Neither do I. But you can hold on to your dignity with these low wedged dress shoes by vegan brand Nae.


Rothys makes sleek flats, loafers and sneakers from..plastic bottles. They knit recycled water bottles with a 3D knitting process that reduces waste and makes you look great! I can’t get over their array of colors, patterns and practical styles. Use my link to get $20 off your first order. Then send me a picture of your outfit when you wear the shoes. I’d love to see how you style them!


Holiday or no holiday, red is chic. And kind of loud, so if you want to hide in a corner every time you walk into a room then don’t buy this coat. But if you want to feel like a glamorous movie star, swipe that card right now. Shrimps consistently creates the most luxurious faux-fur coats in the wackiest of colors. It’s a luxe purchase without a doubt- but a sound investment if you want to spoil someone (or yourself- no judgement!).

If you have sensitive skin, then you know how important the fabric you wear is. If you’re lucky enough to wear burlap and not have a single itch, then you too can appreciate the sumptuous basics Organic Basics sells. This takes the plain white T up a notch.


If you’re a basics girl or just can’t get enough layers, PACT Organic is the ultimate. This organic cotton cable knit sweater with a side-slit is begging to be worn over your organic cotton bras, camis and slip dresses. It’s really hard to find organic cotton sweaters of any kind, let alone one you can wear oversized like this. All of PACT’s clothing is soft and they are a great company to deal with. I once bought the wrong size in a long sleeve shirt and asked for an exchange but to save the carbon and returning hassle they told me to keep it and just sent me a new shirt! Now that’s customer service.

These pajamas are bamboo viscose, organic cotton and spandex. There’s something about uber silky pajamas that make me want to wear them as clothing. In my opinion, you can reuse the top as a shirt with pants because piping is sharp. I would also wear it as a cardigan and tie the bottom half to make a short shrug. Or, you could just wear them as pajamas. Duh.


Some fashionistas have a foot fetish.. with their sock drawer. For those who wouldn’t be caught dead in plain white crews, a subscription to Sock Fancy checks all the boxes. Pick your style, how many you want per month plus whether it’s a gift and you (or your recipient) will get crazy bright socks made from 70% combed cotton.

What’s on your holiday wish list?